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Purposed and Created For Success- A shared wellness journal of Spirit, Mind and Body for Youth, Parents/Caregivers.

Everyday Adolescents are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate through the daily challenges of life. They often know that they are wonderfully created and purposed by God but find it hard to balance their faith and lifestyle as they encounter the adversities of life. Parents and Caregivers are confronted with many challenges in providing guidance to adolescents and are often competing with the impact of social media. During my decades of pediatric practice, the most common questions parents/caregivers asked centered around counseling their tweens and teens on making healthy lifestyle choices. This journal provides talking points for parents/caregivers to start the conversation about healthy living, as well as the science behind the recommendations for healthy lifestyle changes. As a shared journal, it allows parents and youth to review and discuss their experiences together, and how to support and encourage each other to improve mental, physical, spiritual, and relational health.

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Author Gina Morgan-Smith MD - Christian Publisher Xulon Press

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