Healthy Life Balance

Building Resiliency through a balanced Life

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after facing adversity or challenging events in life. There are many factors which contribute to resilience such as supportive relationships, self-care and mobilizing sources of faith, hope and cultural traditions. Gifted Purpose and Created for Success (GPCS) was developed to find balance through incorporating these elements specifically-relationships, self-care, and faith. 

The GPCS journal is like a navigational system that helps parents and caregivers focus on the three critical areas of our being. Our mind, body, and spirit. We are a tripartite being and identifying areas in each domain guide us in making the internal changes needed for a balanced life. 

GPCS journal addresses the key areas for lifestyle modifications:

1. As a co-journal it enhances relationships. A parent/caretaker and youth taking the journey together enables them to share experiences, to learn about each other and develop strategies toward building a healthier lifestyle together. 

2. The wisdom section allows discussion around the science behind healthy recommendations.  

3. The biblical references allow discussion on the importance of growing, developing and strengthening the spiritual part of our being through faith. 

Healthy Living Balance

         a. Spirit (Worship, Loving) 

        b. Mind (Thinking, Finances, Working)

        c. Body (Drinking, Eating, Moving, Sleeping, Grooming). 

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